How to germinate Ranunculus from seed

How to germinate ranunculus from seed or bulb always a question , and its not easy from both seed or bulb

Bulbs 90% rot as they are good only for colder regions and hard to find fresh bulbs as they are not grown everywhere

seed also do not germinate easily as again finding quality seed is 1st issue, 2nd issue they do not germinate by simple method they need consistent dark humid and cold environment to germinate

we are showing easiest way to germinate them also you can buy seed from here– Click to buy ranunculus seeds

Step 1

Fill pot cocopeat or cocopeat+perlite mix 2 inch pot preferred water it fully

ranunculus from seed

Fill 5-6 pots you want to put seed in

ranunculus from seed


Step 2

ranunculus seed looks like this, white with brown at center  or little borwn with brown center

these are healthy seeds

how to germinate ranunculus from seed

Step 3

Press ranunculus seed on mix, do not cover with cocopeat, just press so they are in contact with cocopeat and put in lower portion of refrigerator , do not put in freezer

they will remain in fridge for 25 days to 30 days until root shows on seed

how to sow ranunculus seed


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