How to germinate seeds

How to germinate seeds

Everyone wants to grow Flowers from seeds, its very good experience, but sometimes seed germination process fails and we think seed were bad(they can be bad also) but before coming to conclusion take following precaution and tips which will increase germination percentage of your seeds

For seed germination first need to understand what climate suits them some needs hot, some needs cold, few needs light to germinate few needs dark, so its very important to do research which seed to buy and when

Potting mix, Pot size, Pot material watering schedule and Sunlight, another things to watch closely

we will explain basic procedure which will help in doing seedling for 80% of seeds


  1. Take Garden soil in which old leaf mud fertilizer is mixed , or you can use any soft soil with 20% vermicompost in it fill pot 80% with soil, plastic pot preferred as it holds moisture longer than clay pots

how to grow seeds

2) water properly that water should start coming out of bottom

how to grow seeds

3) Fill top layer 20% with cocopeat
how to grow seeds

4. Water it again

how to grow seeds

5) Carefully spread seeds on mix

how to grow seeds

6) now cover the seeds with 2-3 mm of more cocopeat and water it again just to make top layer moist
how to grow seeds

7) keep pot in semi shaded area where they get 1-2 hour sunlight daily water lightly top layer twice a day it should never get dry or not too wet

8) Seeds will start germinating in 3 to 15 days depending on variety

as seed germinates keep in direct sunlight for atleast 2-4 hours a day, do not keep in shaded area else they will elongate and die

how to grow seeds



Keep media moist for until seedling establishes and produces true leaf

then either you can let them grow in same pot or transplant them

how to germinate seeds

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